Mini Padlock Gold Pave


The Mini Padlock Gold Pave Pendant features white diamond pave, hand set with white diamonds in the dial that can be lined up to lock & unlock the pendant onto the wearer's chain of choice. The seamless working dial and push button mechanism allow for secure closure. 

*This pendant shown here is available for purchase on its own, on a 6" Anchor Chain Bracelet, or on an 18" Round Link Paperclip Chain 

Please contact us to inquire about custom chain lengths and custom stone options. 


Pendant: 18k Yellow Gold

Anchor Chain Necklace: 18” 18k Yellow Gold Round Link Paperclip Chain 

*Available for order in 18k Yellow, White, or Rose Gold.  

To Lock/ Unlock 

To unlock the pendant, use the moveable dial to align the "code" to the linear edge of the frame in the front. Once the "code" stone is aligned, the pendant will click open at the top, allowing the wearer to attach it to the wearer's chain of choice. To Lock the pendant, once again align the "code" stone to the linear edge in the front of the pendant and gently push the arch at the top of the pendant down until it clicks closed. Finally, spin the dial to mix up the "code" and the pendant will remain locked on the wearer's chain.  

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