Code Minor


The Code Minor Bracelet is inspired by the Original Code Bracelet and offers a more rounded stackable shape to the code series. This Code Minor Bracelet features a solid 18k gold frame with white diamonds in the working dial and 3 "code" stones that can be lined up to lock & unlock the bracelet onto the wearer's wrist. The seamless working dial and push button mechanism allow for secure closure. 


18k Gold, White Diamonds in the dial, 1 Ruby button, and 3 Rubies used as the "code" to lock & unlock the bracelet onto the wearer's wrist. 

Available in 18k Yellow, White, or Rose Gold.  

To Lock/ Unlock 

To unlock the bracelet, use the moveable dial to align the "code" (made up of 3 Rubies) to the linear edge of the bracelet, push the ruby button on the side, and gently pull open the bracelet. To Lock the bracelet, once again align the 3 rubies to the linear edge of the bracelet and gently push the bracelet closed. Finally, spin the dials to mix up the "code" and the bracelet will remain locked on the wearer's wrist.  

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