Stainless Steel Leather Code


The Stainless Steel Leather Code Bracelet features a stainless steel face with Swarovski Crystals in the moveable dial and a 3-station "code" used to lock & unlock the bracelet onto the wearer's wrist, finished with a handmade double wrap leather band. The seamless working dial allows for secure closure. 

*The leather band can be made to measure by request. 

**Please contact to inquire about custom stone options & leather strap colors 


Stainless Steel, Swarovski Crystals, Handmade Leather Strap 

Choice of Leather Band: Smooth Leather or Croc Textured Leather 

To Lock/ Unlock 

To unlock the bracelet, spin the moveable dials to align the 3 accent stones in the center of each dial, pull the side pin out, and gently pull open the bracelet. To Lock the bracelet, once again align the 3 accent stones in the center of the dials and push the side pin fully in until it clicks. Finally, spin the dials to mix up the stones and the bracelet will remain locked on the wearer's wrist.  

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